Monday, July 28, 2008

Pure Gold

This is officially my second review of a TV show. My review of Frank TV (which I would link to if I wasn't lazy, or if it wasn't easier just to scroll down) was less than favorable. So in the interest of balance, I'm giving MTV's new hit "From G's to Gents" two thumbs up. Here is why you should watch:

1. Pretty Ricky (pictured above). Unfortunately, Mr. Ricky (whose real name is Lenny, by the way) was kicked off in the first episode. But in what style! The G's were presented with an open bar - Pretty Ricky, who has wearing a golf glove (also pictured), decided to hit the cognac a little too hard. He He slurred his speech, urinated on the outside of the house and speaking incoherently for most of the episode. Obviously, you have to believe that the genius editing team at MTV played a large part in the negative portrayal of Pretty, but still - he was without a doubt hammered. And it was hilarious. And, unfortunately, it led to his demise. We'll you miss you, Pretty Ricky.

2. It is hosted by Fonzworth Bentley, two years after we should have forgotten about him. Every time I see this guy, the following two words come to mind: "Seriously, dude?"

3. It will make you feel good about yourself. In comparison to the cast of this show, I am a dapper, articulate gentlemen who really has his life together. In reality, I am such a loser, I watched a show called "From G's to Gents" on MTV. But for that hour, sweet escape...

4. You will learn new words, or new uses for old ones. My favorite so far: "G-check". I'm still not sure if this is a feature of the show itself, or an urban term I have never heard before. In any case, it was well understood by everyone on the show. From what I can gather, it is a severe attack on one's manhood initiated by another man. The point of a G-check to illicit a response from the attacked, and thereby reveal his character, or whether or not he is a true "G". So just remember, the next time you get punched in the nuts, you could be getting G-checked. Act accordingly.

5. The Black Ball/ Ebony Sphere Vote-Off system. This is actually the worst part of the show, because it's pretty much meaningless (Fonzworth decides who goes home, ultimately) however, the system provides some entertainment value, mainly because I am convinced the entire cast believes they are voting with "ebony spears".

6. The sob stories. My favorite so far, from a gentlemen named "Shotta" (yeah, he used to hustle). Shotta lives in his car. But, as he is quick to point out, it's a Benz! He paid five grand for it. He is equally quick to point out (very astutely, I might add) that "it was a bad purchase..."

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