Friday, February 29, 2008

Political Endorsement of the Day

Leon is truly the Voice of the People.

The following went into my decision:

Obviously very smart and we align on most issues (I think Hillary's healthcare plan is better, but I think Obama secretly does too). More so than any other candidate, seems to have the right (or what I determine to be right) perspective on his role as president. And I think his lack of experience is actually a credit - as the self-appointed Candidate for Change, I think it he is more credible without years and years of Washington experience, so he is not so much a product of the system. Also, this might be racist, I am not sure, but doesn't having a back guy named Barack Hussein Obama lower our global hate profile a little bit, especially in the parts of the world that matter most in this respect?

Can you really trust a guy whose middle name is Hussein? (kidding). But we do differ on a couple of issues (mainly economic), but I'm willing to live with it. Also, I am a little bit reticent to be on the same side as some of the folks who have publicly come out with their support of Obama recently - part of me feels like I am just being blindly swept away by the Hollywood/Liberal media tidal wave of Obama support, and this worries me a little bit. But whatever, I feel like I have informed myself well enough to make my own decision.

So there it is: Barack Obama, muthafucka! The president of hittin that ass! (This should be a campaign slogan.)

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